SAKKI [Killing Intention]
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One day i was sitting in a room with Takamatsu sensei. He told me to close me eyes and to stay in seated stance; I was not to open my eyes. I felt how he walked down the stairs and i remained relaxed because he had left the room. Suddenly i sensed a great pressure from behind me and from a diagonal direction......I could feel how my body would be split in half i did not quickly roll sideways. I could also sense my head being struck from that same side: I then did a forward breakfall (zenpo ukemi). Finally i sat in (shizen fudoza).

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Takamatsu Sensei was before me and told me to open my eyes. Much to my suprise he was holding a very sharp sword, now lowered, in his right hand. This incident gave me a deep understanding of the Gokui mystery. Techniques using the six senses which come from the gods. I was wery relaxed when they did it to me. It opened my "eyes" to the mystery. I was very happy with myself. My teacher told me that the sword he used was very special, and he gave it to me a gift. He told me that no other student had passed this test as well as i did. I remember this as if it were yesterday.!

A year before Takamatsu Sensei passed away, he told me that he had taught me everything he knew. I have been training nine years since that day, doing things to the best of my ability and always correcting things that had to be corrected. Finally i have reached the level at which i can truly talk about what Budo really is.

By the way, the 5th dan test for taijutsu is done this way in my bujinkan dojo: a student sits on the floor with his eyes closed. I stand behind him with a sword in my hand. I will try to strike the student with the sword with all my intention, if i were actually trying to kill him. If the student manages to avoid the attack successfully, he or she will then receive the 5th level [Godan]. This is the first step towards Bufu (the warrior ways).


This test not only evaluates one's skill at dodging attacks from behind, but also enables us to recognize that one cannot live a life without knowing what actually "behing our backs". It ts just when someone in whom trust suddenly betrays us - I'm sure everyone has experienced this before.

If your mind is fixed at this level, eventually you will be deprived of the thuth of life and this will destroy the purpose of your own life. It is like a cancer which hinders human growth.